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Steiermark (Styria)

Steiermark landscapeThe Steiermark is located in the south east of Austria and bordering with Slovenia and Hungary. Almost the entire region is mountainous, and its distinguished beauty makes it a great place for any vacation. Geographically divided into Upper Styria and Lower Styria, it is traversed by various ramifications of the eastern Alps. Because of its diversity, this beautiful region is also referred to as the green heart of Austria!

In Upper Styria tourists will encounter some 800 mountain peaks at or higher than 2,000 m (6,560 ft.) above sea level. They set the stage for various unique mountain experiences such as hiking, biking and skiing. Visit the huge Dachstein mountain at 3,000 m (9,840 ft.) or one of more than 3,000 mountain pastures, six nature preserves and one national park. And further South-East you will also find thermal spas which turned the region into a premier wellness center.

If you ask Austrians where their preferred vacation spot is in their country, you will hear a majority tell you: the Steiermark! This widespread opinion among locals is founded: after all, Styrians have a reputation for being excellent hosts and offering great value for money, for being child-friendly, tremendous in terms of offering tasty food and authentic. The main reasons cited for spending a holiday over here are wellness and pleasure, active enjoyment of nature and the events being offered.

Graz is the capital of the Steiermark and home to Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This historic city was also the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003. The medieval town center (elevated to the status of a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO) invites tourists by sending out a quickening pulse of life!

In winter, a snow-white Styria invites skiers to enjoy winter’s pleasures! The region includes 865 km of slopes and offer runs for all ages, capabilities and tastes. Almost 70 ski schools and ski rentals will be pleased to help you take your first turns and will provide the necessary equipment. But Styria is not just well known for its wide range of winter sports facilities, it also offers special interest accommodations for families, first-class service at bargain prices and a recreation paradise for body and soul. Get away from the routine and restore your energies. Fresh and clean mountain air, hot thermal springs, healing earth and premium facilities… what more can one desire?